My name is Monica Hamre Johansson. I live in the countryside of Sweden,

together with my husband, my kids and my pets. -Lots of cats and dogs.
My passion for all type of animals, along with my passion for design,

mostly vintage and retro, has laid the ground foundation of my new growing hobby. 

-Designing luxurious and vintage pet beds.
All beds are made out of old and used furnitures, because I`ve always believed in reproducing,

reusing and recycling in order to preserve the environment as best as I can.

And what better place than flea markets and other garage sale, one can find the best old used furniture. 


I find inspiration from all over the world, but and my distinctive style is an elegant mixture of shabby chic / French country style with a touch of modern design.  I also use lots of elements from the sumptuous Baroque and Rococo era. 
My designs are always unique and no beds or other products are the same. 
They are all "
One of a Kind".

Because of my "extreme" creative mind, I also produce other products like vintage ornaments for decoration

and other small products on demand. 
I do get inquiries and different kinds of requests about the design of my pet beds.
But I never let anyone interfere with my unique design or the finished result.
Much because I never know what furnitures I will find at the flea markets.
If you have some special requests about the pet bed that you would like to add, like a picture or a name,

you are welcome to contact me for more information. 

I`ll be happy to help you in every way I can. And yes, -I do ship abroad. 

Please check out our shipping methods.

I hope you enjoy my new website and my little Shabby chic pet world, and look forward to hear from you. 





The Petbed

All my beds are made of old and rustic furniture. They are dismantled piece by piece,

and then after being put together again by hand. We often build several furniture together, to achieve the perfect result.

All the beds are of a high standard in strength and quality.

They are suitable for both cats and dogs or other small pets that deserve an extra royal sleeping place ...
The appearance and design of the Pet Beds make them fit into most interior and look awesome in every room.

They are designed down to the smallest detail. -not only by my hands, but also with my heart.


For Sale! 






Please contact for more info about the bed... Click here!



Most dogbeds can be sent by postal parcel service (Bring or Postnord) or the bus parcel sevice (Bussgods).
We can also use
UPS or DHL if that will suit you better.

The dogbeds are always packed securely to prevent damage during shipping. 
Beds that cannot be packed sufficiently prudent, due to size or special features etc., will be partly dismounted for easier packing and less volume. These beds can be easily mount up, and it will also be enclosed all you need of screws and instruction manual.


The average weight of the dogbeds are approx 10 kg. 

Costs for postage and freight varies from one company to another,

but you should expect a cost from kr 160,-  for a dogbed less than 10 kg,

and from kr 270,-  and upwards for dogbeds over 10 kg. 


There is also other possible ways to ship the dogbeds, so please contact us for more info. 




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